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    Second HJ knife, First with motto

    Here's my second HJ, an Anton Wingen Jr. complete with motto, wiggly diamond, and magnetic hilt. The bottom handle grip was broken but glued together, and had one rivet (bottom) that is slightly higher then the other.

    The scabbard is painted a silver/blue color, with bare metal underneath (no other traces of paint) There is some paint on the leather (where it attaches to the scabbarrd) so I'm guessing it was painted after being put together.

    Looking for any thoughts or ideas as to the year this one was produced, the seller guessed 1934.



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    Hi Rob, what size is the HJ diamond, a nice early piece would have a small diamond ( looks like yours could be a large?) Perhaps the grips have been added in a restoration, certainly appear original parts.

    Grips were produced of black bakelite with a recess for the HJ diamond. Early production diamonds were smaller measuring 23mm high 13mm wide where the later items measured 25mm high 14.5mm wide.

    Scabbard looks interesting, i'd expect once painted and removed, certainly leaving a strange appearance. How many runners in the scabbard one or two?

    In the members section there is an article i have written that aims to help with looking at HJ's
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    Hi Mike

    The diamond is the smaller one and there is one runner inside, as well as what appears to be remnants of a cotton-like material (?) inside along the runner.

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    hey rob nice honest looking knife there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewan stirling View Post
    hey rob nice honest looking knife there!
    yes small diamond and one runner gets the thumbs up

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