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    spanish youth knife

    first a little introduction, because i'm new here. I'm 17 and i'm collecting ww2 items for one and a half year. I get a lot of things from my family. just like i received the following knife. I found already that it is a spannish knife, and it has the motto 'arriba Espana!' But it has no maker or year on it. Can it still be an original knife? How can i know?

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    I have seen these before and they are pretty rare to find.
    Most of the time they are marked -
    1936,but i'm sure,your knife is original.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stingray View Post
    i'm sure,your knife is original.
    Original when? 1948? 1958? Personally i think that this knife has jack to do with the Third Reich era.
    There are many threads on these and others on this forum:
    And about the
    markings, is it not strange that to this day, there are Dozens and dozens of period
    catalogs that stretch many years, but not one single mention or image of any knife that they produced.

    HI Jonas, and welcome to the HJ forum. There is no period evidence at all to support that during the Third Reich era such knives were issued or available to the Spanish Youth. Any comments you hear or read on forums about these knives are nothing more that the opinions of a few people who want these knives to be real. There are a few big dealers who sell these all the time, and i guess somehow collectors have come to believe, or been brainwashed into thinking, that such a knife existed during the
    era and was produced by S.E.A.M. And if anybody tries to tell you the opposite, all you need to do, is ask for a little evidence.

    @ Stingray. Please elaborate on why you are sure that this knife is original, and of course also what period you mean? I am also sure that the presented knife is an original knife, it certainly does not look like a cat or a cup of mocca java. But i am also pretty sure that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Third Reich era. And Stingray, sorry if i am coming across a bit heavy, but this is not WAF, and posts like yours, get my goat up big time. "Rare to find" - "sure it`s original" and then "congrats" ? No wonder we never seem to make headway in this hobby with nonsensical posts like this. INFO... a few facts to support your brief WAF-ish post is what is needed on this forum.

    ps: Any and all replies to the "authenticity" of these that include any relatives stories, any vet stories, any family stories or any "what the dealer told me" stories are of no use to man or beast, so dont even bother.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallwarenfabrik View Post
    There are a few big dealers who sell these all the time, and i guess somehow collectors have come to believe, or been brainwashed into thinking....
    We need militaria dealers of course but I wish that they would just stick to selling the stuff instead of writing books and pontificating on forums like there couldn't possibly be a conflict of interest. I have bought some of that type of book in the past and I still have a few but I've seen too many threads on forums that blow Wittmann, Weinand, Johnson, Gottlieb et al out of the water - time after time. I have to say that I have a grudging admiration for Gottlieb though as he is the only one of that bunch who fights his corner. Controversy surrounds all of them though and it must be the aim of a good forum to search for the truth behind the bluff and swagger. Oh, and to deal with the fanboys who never allow a bad word to be said about the dealer they bought stuff from. Sorry, needed a rant there :-)

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