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    Question Am I missing something?

    I just won this pic on ebay. I was the only bidder and only paid 1 euro. Is this just not seen as a desirable pic or is it a known repro? Always get nervous when there's no interest, I start thinking what's wrong with it
    Anyway, at 1 euro plus 2 euro postage, it's worth a gamble. I reckon it's a nice picture.
    Foto, Pimpfe, Marine HJ, unser Oberhaupt Foto 5# - eBay Fotos, Briefe Postkarten, 1918-1945, Militaria, Sammeln Seltenes. (end time 06-Oct-09 05:15:31 AEDST)

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    I'm not really good with photos, but looks like you just might have gotten a real deal there Pat. This happens sometimes.

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    Hope so man. Be good to zoom in on the triangle and stuff when I get it. Looks like a Landjahr triangle if you ask me.
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    Looks like a nice picture pat and a steal well done


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    The only thing you are missing PAT is every once in awhile you get a real bargain on ebay , be interesting to see the triangle


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    Yes Sir. I know I'm being paranoid but I'm too jaded to believe in bargains. Yeah the triangle looks like Landjahr (light color, 1 line text), but the description says Marine HJ and I think it was culled from a Marine album judging by the fact the pic has a number in the ebay description and I'm pretty sure I saw other pics with same description and other numbers.

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    Good catch gentleman!!! Happy to see this type of deals happenning to good peopkle.



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    beautiful cheap photo

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    great pic,

    especially love the price! :laugh:

    this happens once in a while. be happy about it, it doesn't happen that often on e-bay. Most sellers now bloody well how much to ask for these pics...

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    Well done!
    Nice photo.

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