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    posted this one before and had some good respoces from our members, if i remeber we found out the location as well, this pic needs a new posting here, as i said previously, its like something out of ancient rome. Pete.
    p.s. hope i spelt the heading correctly, mislade my dictionary for the moment, dont tell anybody but english wasnt my first languge, it was welsh!!!!!;)
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    Here's the modern photo of the location, taken from the old forum. It's the Propylaea, located in the Königsplatz, Munich. It was built in 1862, as a gate on the west side, and is still there
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    nice one. i didnt get to see this on the old forum, cheers for posting

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    Another great picture reminds me of ben-hur


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    I really love these "period and current" photo shots.

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    me too joe, love seeing the period pics and then as they are now brings them to life

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