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    BDM Girls & Herr Goebbels

    I posted this one on the old forum.While deleting photos off a card I ran across this and decided to post it before deletion.

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    That is a great photo!
    I loved it on the old forum and still love it today.
    I wonder if it was staged?

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    Yes a great picture , i to remember it from the old forum

    Staged i would think so


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    nice pic thanks
    a lot of pic,s are gone with te old forum good to see some back

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    What is really going on , is that Herr Goebbles ( being a typical politican )

    Is handing his hotel key to one of his interns .

    Politicans never change.

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    actually this is quite true, Hitler had to personally interveen in his affairs and order him to be faithfull to his wife who was actually in love with Hitler and totally idolized him and he knew it as he gave her his large size gold party badge. Seems to be a disease among politicians to this day:rolleyes:

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