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    BDM with sleeve chevron.

    Hello, anybody have any ideas what the chevron on this girl's sleeve signifies? I know that some Alte Kampfer HJ Members wore a chevron on their sleeve prior to the traditions district triangle but I haven't read anywhere of Alte Kampfer girls wearing the same. Does it signify rank? Hopefully one of you guys can come up with some ideas

    leaders047 - Copy.jpg

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    i would say she is just a leader of somekind within her group,.as she is not wearing a lanyard,.maybe they were in short supply of lanyards & just used the chevron,.thats just my opinion,just an idea.


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    A possible alter kampfer winkle, but an odd one. The HJ and DJ winkle is very small compared to the one shown in the photo. Perhaps she "borrowed" one from a relative. Just speculation on my part however.

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    Cheers guys, good to get some feedback on this one, it's had me scratching my head,lol

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