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    Welcome back Bobby :) Nice photos too.

    The Wimpel shows that this is a group of Jungmädel from Potsdam. The widespread practice of having a name on the Wimpel is also seen here (Dietrich von Bern).

    Quick and dirty Google translation:

    Dietrich von Bern is one of the best known legends of figures of the German High and Late Middle Ages. Written testimony as heroes song (Song of Hildebrand), epic (Dietrichepik) or prose (hero books) can be between 9 and 16 Century demonstrate that oral tradition is certainly older. Dietrich also plays a role in the Nibelungenlied. In addition to the eleven medieval German Dietrichepen in verses that have only episodes in the hero's life Dietrich on the topic, is the Scandinavian Thidrekssaga - handed in variations in Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic - is a special case of the tradition because they after all Vita of the hero (unknown) low German sources told in prose.

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    3 years too late on this thread, but glad i found it, really great photos!

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    Here are a couple more that I have never posted. I got these from Garry a while ago.
    I decided to put them out so that you could enjoy them.

    Kate Neumann.jpg Kate back.jpg



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    Post 64, fat-so doing the long jump...classic!

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    Great to see them again Bobby

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    Bobby's BDM Photos

    This is a 'HJ-Heim' Bobby. There was a great drive to provide dedicated accommodation for the Hitler Youth (Heimbeschaffung). The symbol above the door says 'HJ-Heim der Hitler-Jugend'


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    This is my first post here on HJ Research-
    And with a Gobsmacked face WoW simply super BDM Pictures (i hope that is the right acronym) !
    I am really enjoying viewing your collection :)

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    Thank you very much! Glad you are enjoying looking at them.

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