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    Glad you enjoyed them.
    Happy to see that you got your first photos. Post them as soon as you get them so that we can see them.
    Good luck finding more!

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    Here are 3 new pictures I just got today. I missed out on quite a few more because my phone was moving slowly.
    I will post these until I get the real ones and then scan them and re-post.




    I love the first one!

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    Please login to view user info has been fun while it lasted but I give up. My last 4 shipments from Germany were "lost" somewhere in shipment and I am tired of dealing with it. While I did get my money back, the point is that I lost about 150 BDM pictures that I had purchased.
    Good luck hunting! Bobby

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    Sorry to hear of your lost photos. I too have lost items recently and it is painful to say the least.

    Edit: The problems seem to be with "registered" parcels in my experience. I think there are thieves at the post offices that steal registered parcels looking for money. I shudder when I think of them opening parcels and finding no money tossing items into the trash. Astonishingly enough I recently sent a cap tally to Germany mailed in a normal envelope like a plain letter and used the cheapest USPS shipping. I was amazed when the buyer informed me he had the item and sent me a photo of the letter on his table three, yes three days later. Unbelievable.
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    I have been sending large registered mail envelopes twice a month to the US and sometimes to Canada for about three years. There are always old magazines in these large envelopes, they are about 1 to 2 Kg each. And I have never had any problems though it takes around eight to twelve days for the envelopes to arrive. Contens is always stated as "Gift" "used sport magazines". Value always less then 19 Euro. Custom has never opened any of them. They have all arrived in perfect condition. Maybe large envelopes are less likely to contain money?

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