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    Bund deutsche mädel re-enactment photos

    some BDM re-enactors photos,from the site link i have attatched below,they are from England,the uniforms look re-production maybe not,its hard to tell,the girls look like they are winning awards for their uniform,i thought it was pretty interesting,looks to be at a militaria show

    { Bund Deutscher Maedel } - a historical research site

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    I think that one of the Admins of that site is also a member here . Can anyone confirm this ?

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    She is a member here Jo but she hasn't visited for quite some time now. Username is "Chris".

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    Hallo,do you know some events where it's possible to see HJ/BDM re-enactement?In France I think it's probably impossible ... in my country peoples just want to see allied soldiers

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