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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Just finished this one. Came out okay I think. The scenery wasn't that nice on the original photo so I replaced it with the forest.
    Hello Garry,

    sensational and very impressive realism...!!!!

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    Looks great Garry. Doesn't he look like a real mannequin?

    Just one "silly" remark: the plaster on his knee, shouldn't it have a more
    fleshlike color (beige). I thought this was also the color in about the mid-thirties.
    Or am I wrong and was Germany one of the countries, using another color?
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    I've taken the plaster to be zinc tape to be honest Wim so I just left it white. Did they have zinc tape back then? :)

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    No idea, but I would not be wondered as when more zinc products were available in drugstores!
    Maybe we have a chemist amongst us.

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    found this:

    the label name for a medical tape (colloquial: Leuko) - role plasters from Zellwollgewebe with india rubber as adhesive. Leukoplast becomes since1921 of the Beiersdorf Co. & cost. A. - G. Hamburg drove out.
    Initially it was offered to role commodity in the Darreichungsformen for 1m in the widths 1, 2, 3 and 5 cm (kind No. 516, 517, 518 and 520). Around 1964 the individual widths were then pulled together and the kind. - NR.with four digits (1 1/4cm with the No. 1561, 2 1/2 cm with the No. 1562) The width 3 cm gave it only to 1964 and the width to 5 cm probably only to 01/1940.
    As the second Darreichungsform it (like today still) gave the coil commodity5m length in 3 widths (1 1/14 cm, 2 1/2 cm and 5 cm.
    As packing material tin cans, sticking folding boxes and plastic coils were used.

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    On the original photo the tape is very bright so I doubt whether it's a flesh-coloured plaster Wim. I think that some kind of white tape is probably right.
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    you're correct. This is obvious!

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    Here's another. HJ Rundfunkspielschar
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    Flieger-HJ Obergefolgschaftsführer from Bann 506

    I colourised this one a couple of years ago but was never really happy with the original result so I worked on the face and a couple of other areas today. The face still isn't right.


    Edit: see post #40 for an updated version of this one.

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