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    Wonder if in 80 years time anyone will be colorizing a photo of me?

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    Awesome job Garry, these photos are really brought to life in colour. You're definitely a dab hand with photoshop

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    Here is a Hitler Youth Leader I colored a few days ago. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Hi Charles,

    The lanyard is incorrect. It should be green/white showing his appointment as Gefolgschaftsführer. This assumes that the original photo shows a regular pattern of dark spots on the lanyard. If not and you see a more uniform appearance then the lanyard should be green for the rank of Scharführer (or the appointment of Scharführer depending on the date of the photograph).

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    Give him a silver Leistungsabz. at his age he deserves it!

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    Hi Garry,

    Wonderful work you did with these pictures!

    @Jo: Not a chance Jo, but I guess some people on WAF play darts with your picture

    Regards, Wim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wim Vangossum View Post

    @Jo: Not a chance Jo, but I guess some people on WAF play darts with your picture

    Wim, just wait until they start seeing the You Tube videos. There will be a dart stand at the next SOS and MAX-ipad Show... you`ll be able to win a free award if you can "Hit Micro-Jo in the eyes" (it will be fake though) and if you hit him in the goonies, a free "
    Par-tie-genoooosin" pin (fake as well no doubt) [Pronounce that like Wittman does] and if you get all three darts in his head, you walk away with the main prize - a microscope that has the lenses covered with cut-outs of images from a Christopher Ailsby book, so no matter what you look at through the microscope, you`ll always rest assured, and see your favorite fake described as genuine!

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    Those are really interesting works! It must take a lot of time a attention to detail, and dedication to achieve these results.

    I say keep it up! I would love to see more of your work.

    The photo of the young musician in the photo is very interesting. I like how he has his trumpet(?) mouthpiece in his shirt/kerchief.

    Thanks for sharing these. Very cool.


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    Thanks Craig It takes a while to complete but it's great fun. Good results are only really achievable if the original photo has fairly sharp detail.

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    I had another go at the chap in post #14. He was Flieger-HJ there but I changed him to Nachrichten-HJ for this one :) The face looks more natural now I think:


    Here's another one:


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