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    Cool HJ and BDM group photo

    I don't know if any of you are memebers here(I am not),but this appears to be a great photo IMHO.I don't know what the price is could be way to much,especially when the seller declares he slashed his price!I almost joined so I could buy this for myself.


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    He is asking 25usd. It's a nice one as it shows what looks like the Oberbann 2 Sigrune in wear, on the boy seated on the floor.
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    be very wary on this sight it is full of junk fakes etc even though the owner says he keeps it clean. There is some nice stuff but use due diligence and get opinions


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    Hence the reason I am not a member Paul,plus I want nothing to do with a site that allows Chuckie Werner to sell his fakes.I do keep an eye on what comes and goes there----never can tell when or where a must have will show up.As I stated before,I almost joined to buy that photo it really grabs me with the various ages of the youth.I reasoned am I going to pay $25 to join then pay for the photo?If I buy just that in a year that as it now turns out would be a $50 + postage photo.

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    YOU GOT THAT RIGHT , I did join to buy some teno items last winter but that fell through. Would you like me to purchase that pic for you if so sent the item number


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    Thanks for your kind offer Paul,I will have to pass for now.I posted it here so someone else might get it.I do appreciate the offer.

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    The owner of that site is I believe the former editor of "Der Gauleiter" .

    Some of you old timers might remember that rag.

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    yes most steer very clear of him but like everything you have to take the bad with the good sometimes and I have picked up a couple decent things off that sight but it will never have any credability with the general collector population

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    I've gotten a few straps and boards there, but that's it. I also got some really nice ones from a want ad posted there.

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