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    Curious (firefighter?) pic

    I buyed this pic and identified it as firefighter. Looking at him I still believe it is a fireman but... could be another thing aswell. He wears one ribbon with one "1" over his chest. Whats that?

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    Yes a good photo of an HJ volunteer firefighter ...the #1 on his lapel might mean first squad .

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    I haved think something like tjis but was unsure

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    Interesting photo Albrecht. There is nothing mentioned about these in the main regulations regarding the HJ-Feuerwehrscharen but the provision of training, uniforms and equipment of the HJ-Feuerwehrscharen were the responsibility of the respective municipal districts so this patch may well have been a local thing specific to one municipality or even town. The HJ-Feuerwehrscharen were organised into the following units so I would agree with you guys that the patch in the photo is denoting the wearer's membership of either Gruppe 1 or Zug 1.

    Gruppe (smallest unit)
    Zug (2 Gruppen)
    Gefolgschaft (largest permissible unit)

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