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    Der Stürmer - Jungvolk Wittmund

    This was taken in the early thirties and shows a group of Jungvolk in front of the town's 'Stürmerkasten' where the latest issue of Streicher's 'Der Stürmer' was displayed. Sad to see these children being used in this way. Look at their faces - clearly not interested but I'm guessing that the leader at centre got a pat on the back for this. The involvement of children in anti-semitism was actively discouraged by von Schirach. Interesting picture I think.


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    Nice picture Garry. The Leader on the right has a smug smile on his face!


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    Nothing much changes ,

    They are using children on TV in anti smoking adverts , not the same i know, but the puppet masters know the drawing power of using children to get thier point across.....


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    very nice picture garry very nice indeed


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    Children are certainly great for propaganda. Great photo though.

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    This isn't my photo unfortunately. It's from a book called 'Hitlerjugend in Wittmund' which was published by the Wittmund archive. I like to buy these local histories whenever I find them as they give a great insight into exactly how things happened at the grass-roots level. Wittmund was a late starter actually and didn't really have a fully organised Hitler Youth until 1934.

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