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    disabled HJ?

    I made a post about HJ on a local forum and I mentioned that also disabled HJ kids existed. I would be curious to know if anyone here has some period pics to show.

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    no pics but do know the armband with three black dots was available for sightless HJ BDM


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    The physically disabled had their own Bann (Bann K Körperbehindert) until it was disbanded in early 1937. Bann B Blinde and Bann G Gehörlos (later Bann G Gehörgeschädigt)catered for the blind and visually impaired and the deaf or aurally impaired respectively.

    I have a couple of pictures. The first shows a deaf boy from Bann G. Members of the Bann wore the yellow patch you can see on his left arm until 1937. Boys would often roll their sleeves up to hide the symbol. That picture comes from a book on Bann G. The second is a photo I have for a boy who is in uniform but has no eyes. That's all I have.
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    Hi Garry very interesting! I like the picture too. Can you share also the other one?

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    Which other one? Not sure what you mean.

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    Hi Garry I couldn't see the 2nd picture you uploaded before. But now I see it!

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    Ah okay :)

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    Its nice to know that they made allowances and looked after the disabled children and made them involved with what was going on ...


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    yes, agreed. This is another clichè unveiled.

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    The three dots badge of that blind boy, is still in use in Germany.

    I remember to read about Physically disable boys joining a part of the HJ. But the mentally disable, unfortunatelly, ended up in a different way.



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