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    DJ and ?

    Hi everyone,

    I suppose this is DJ that I have bought here but I would be glad if someone could tell a bit more based on his uniform...

    Regards, Wim
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    Wearing the two shoulder straps with HJ style numbering he's definetly a DJ Leader.

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    He would have to be over 18, seeing as he is wearing a NSDAP pin, and they only lowered the joining rate to 17, right towards the end.

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    The traditionslitze on the triangle would also indicate early HJ/DJ membership, but the straps are post 1938 pattern so he would have been a member of the DJ for some time with that insignia combination. DJ leadership wore straps with a grey piping and numerals which are often mistaken for "dirty" Striefendienst straps. They appear to be a light colored piping in the photo. The buckle does not look like a DJ Rune buckle so the photo would also date after they were no longer used IMO.
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    Thanks for all this information, guy's. Much appreciated.

    Regards, Wim

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    Just to add a little more to what the guys have already said:

    the white Jungstammführer lanyard accompanied by HJ-style shoulder straps and the lower rank puts a date on the photo of 1939 at the earliest because in that year the lanyard ceased to show the wearer's rank and instead showed his appointment. This explains the disparity between the lanyard and the actual rank shown on his shoulder straps.

    (The photo seems a little over-exposed so it might be showing a green lanyard although I strongly doubt that. Nevertheless, even if that is the case his HJ-style shoulder straps give us an absolute earliest possible date as being 1938 as Darin says)

    The Traditionsarmdreieck and lack of HJ Ehrenzeichen shows that he joined the DJ during the four months between the 2nd of October 1932 (qualification date for the HJ Ehrenzeichen) and the 30th of Jan 1933 (qualification date for the Traditionsarmdreieck).

    The second pattern DJ membership badge he is wearing was not actually permitted at this point because it had been superceded by the HJ Ehrenzeichen. The DJ badge was however permitted for wear on civilian clothing. He is probably wearing it because he didn't qualify for the HJ Ehrenzeichen but still wants to show that he was a member of the DJ for a few months prior to the qualification date for the Traditionsarmdreieck. A possibility is that he had applied for, but not yet received, his HJ Ehrenzeichen and that this is the reason for the DJ badge being worn. I have my doubts though because by the time this picture was taken he had had close to 5 years to apply for the HJ Ehrenzeichen.

    The NSDAP membership badge shows that he was at least 18 years old when the photo was taken which in turn means that he must have been 11 when he joined the DJ in 1932.

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    You had to be 18 years of age or older to join the NSDAP until: (7 January 1944)
    Die Anordnung 1/44 des Reichsschatzmeisters der NSDAP vom 7.01.1944 regelte die Aufnahme von Angehörigen der HJ und des BDM der Geburtsjahrgänge 1926 und 1927. Abweichend von der Satzung der NSDAP wurde die NASDAP für 17jährige Jungen und Mädchen geöffnet, welche einheitlich zum 20.04.1944 aufgenommen werden konnten.
    Source: Bundesarchive

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    Yes but the photo was taken well before 1944 so the old rules still applied at that point.

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    Of course, i just wanted to add the exact date i mentioned, possibly for future reference. IMHO the date on the photo, 1941 is correct
    Also not to forget with Studio portraits, as this one is, is that some items could just be added for the picture, like this DJ badge... and some photos also just don't make sense at all.. like the one below.. (LMAO )
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    :) Okay, what's going on there??

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