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    vn.gifuipüoö.jpgtfd Kopie Kopie.jpguk5678.jpg

    Das wirst Du sein - Der Avantgardist deines Volkes

    Winterkampfspiele der Hitler Jugend Garmisch-Partenkirchen 23 February to 2 March 1941

    Komm zu uns 12 SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend 1943

    Und Mädchen tun uns not die ihren Weg erkennen...

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    Deutsches Jungvolk in der HJ


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    A much appreciated generous post, Garry.

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    Thanks Heinrich

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    These are all fantastic posters. Where do you guys find these? I've found a couple at the MAX and SOS shows but after closer examination, I'm not so sure they are authentic.

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    Are they not just fantasic, cracking images, well done gary on posting these images. I belive i have maybe 4 or 5 more postcards that have not been posted, ill have to try and find them, and of interest is the ''schafft jugendherbergen '' card posted, ive got the large poster of that exact one somewere in a box ready for me to restore, mind you ive been waiting to do it for over 5 years now. Purchased it from hermman historics, one day it will be on my wall in the living room. Anyway, glad to be here after all this time and regards Pete.
    p.s. keep this images coming!!!!!! please!!!!

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    I have a lot of the postcards that you have posted,are theses from your collection?Several of the ones you posted sell for 500.00 to over a thousand dollars,I have a few that cost around 650.00 very very neat stuff.I have posted on this site my collection of HJ postcards if you have time check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by operaman View Post
    Several of the ones you posted sell for 500.00 to over a thousand dollars,
    Some of the ones that have a very High catalog value, ie: 200-250.- like the one below... you can usually pick up a bit cheaper at either Prestige, Stampcircut etc.. and sometimes on Delcampe.
    Thats a lot of cash though for a card, that usually gets put away into a folder... same as stamp collectors.. (i`ll never understand them) i would prefer a Repro poster or repro card, that way you could display it, without having to worry about the sun or the cats climbing up the wall.
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    I have never been one for reproductions,if it's not the real deal I will pass.Just like collecting Daggers real ones cost a lot, repos not much.If you look at it from as investment view when we pass to Valhalla our sweet wives will have something to sell,that is if you are not going to take it with you as I plan to do.

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