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Thread: HJ photo's

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    HJ photo's

    I recently bought these HJ photo's of one and the same person

    20150906_163912.jpg20150906_163919.jpg 20150906_163930.jpg

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    do they have any markings on the rear? they look ok from the pics you provided with the jagged edge's etc


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    Wingman15 is made some photo's of the backside of the photo's for you.
    The seller i bought them from even sent a piece if the Original photoalbum they were in to protect them
    Why not sent me the whole album so i can put the photo's back in !!!!!

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    I also bought these 2 beautifull HJ pictures from a friend of my
    The frame is not Original

    20150907_181609.jpg 20150907_181618.jpg

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