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    HJ photos from album "Adolf Hitler ..."

    HJ photos from Sammelbilderalbum (Trading card album) "Adolf Hitler - Bilder aus dem leben des Führers" (Pictures from the life of the Führer).

    This album was published in 1936 in at least 2.400.000 copies, by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Alton-Bahrenfeld. Photos was selected by Hitlers personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann.

    Parteitag (Party convention 1935) of freedom: The youngest drummers of the nation

    Young Germany welcomes the Führer during the election campaign

    Hitler-Jugend as guests on Obersalzberg

    Schirach and Hitler.
    Parteitag der Macht 1934 (Party convention of power). In ste stadium of the youth.

    A Pimpf (small boy) gives the Führer a letter from his sick mother

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