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    HJ sports blouse with zipper

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    Never noticed a zip before on these uniforms.

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    I found an order on zip fasteners that might be of interest. It's a Reichsbefehl from 1936 (still in force in late-1942) and it states that zip fasteners were forbidden on party uniforms. The order is clearly a reaction to the practice of some manufacturers to add zips instead of the regulation buttons. The order specifically mentions the following items as being prone to the practice:

    BdM Rock

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    Having said all of that, I would think that the item in post #1 is civilian as it doesn't match the regulation item.

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    Interesting, thank you Garry. I did not think about this before but yes, even though zip fasteners existed at that time you do not see them normally on NSDAP items

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    I have a winterblouse with a zip front I will post a few photos soon .

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    The pics on this thread and the other one referenced by Henrik are sports shirts or at the very least sports-related. I'd be interested in your zipped Winterbluse Joe because it is a uniform item specifically mentioned by the regulation.

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