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    Information about Heinz Bruck

    I am looking information about an Unterbannführer (1935) from III/159 (Mulheim Ruhr) called Heinz Bruck. Probably he was later Jungbannführer on Wesel and officer in army.

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    Leader Heinz Buck

    I am looking some info about Heinz Buck -Unterbannführer (1935) from III/159 (Mülheim an der Ruhr West/Ruhr-Niederrhein)- and later maybe Jungbannführer (1937) from Jungabann 57 (Wesel West/Ruhr-Niederrhein). Anyone else has more information about him or both Bann?
    There is aswell an image of - I think is he- wearing an officer uniform. What unit he belongs?
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    Hi Albrecht,

    I checked a few publications from 1934 to 1939 which list leaders but I can't see him unfortunately.

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    Not easy to found anything from him. I wonder where more I can research!

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