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    here is an interesting site lots of pics and some great then and now shots enjoy

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    Love this site, had forgotten about it.

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    One of my favorite sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post
    here is an interesting site lots of pics and some great then and now shots enjoy
    Thank you Paul, it is saved now in "my favourites".

    I am lucky to be living in Germany and see these things first hand. Like the underground in Thüringen (My girlfriend's father lives in this area) or the Königsplatz in Munich, or the Hofbrauhaus in Munich too where you can still see rests of svastikas in the ceiling av) (but beer is only ok... not my for my lovely Flaktower in Berlin (or what is left from it).

    Take care and thanks



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    YES I remember well , was stationed up near HEMER in the 60s as a young soldier and those years where my best


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    great site paul
    thanks for the link

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    About Munich,

    A small (and not so known) comment about Odeonsplatz (Munich), where the "Putsch" from Hitler was stopped.

    As you can see in the pictures, there was a memorial site on the left hand side of the Feldherrnhalle, in the part of the residenzstrasse. As you can see and know, everyone who passes that street must salute the memorial. You can see in the map below the location:

    What I marked in a circle, it is a street that many people used to take to avoid making the Nazi salute to that memorial. This is the street that I am talking about and you will also see some peculiar on the floor (apart from my shadow).

    It is said that, obviously police realised that and started to question everyone using that street.

    See the little golden trail? It is one of the few "monuments" dedicated to those opposed to the Regime.

    Anyway, I will be again in Munich on Friday... cant wait.


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