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    Japanfahrt 1940 "new" pictures

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    For those who do not know:
    I wrote an extensive article about the Japan-visits (mentioned this before):
    Military Advisor number 4 from fall 2005 with twelve pages. Shown are the
    1938 and 1940 badge (also in wear);
    Militaria, number 4 from July/August 2006 with fourteen pages and as much
    as possibe color.

    The 1940 badge is still in the possession of my friend in Namibia, whose father
    got the badge in Germany. So far, it is the only badge still known being around.
    Both covers from the magazine show him, along with the badge in color!

    Do not know, but maybe I have spare copies laying around!! Have no time to
    check and go through the stock of remaining issues.

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