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    Landjahr photo Album

    Lately , I have seen rediculous prices for common photos on Ebay .
    If you take the time , you can still get a good deal .
    I was the high bidder on this Album listed as a Landjahr photo album . I almost did not even bother looking at it because most Landjahr albums are of farming the local crops or mending fences etc .
    I was surprised when I took the time to view the photos .
    You have alot of photos that show the Landjahr cufftitle in wear . There are a few photos of HJ Leaders . And one photo of a BDM Leader wearing an RJF stab cufftitle .

    For 79 EURO , I got a steal of a deal considering the people who pay outrageous prices for common photographs .


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    More photos
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    Last but not least .
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    Love it Joe. And for that kind of money you must be a very happy chap

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    Garry , for 79 euro ... I got alot more for my money , than someone who would pay 91 euro for a single BDM studio portrait of a pretty girl wearing a white blouse and a neckerchief .
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    This is an example of 'NO COMMON SENSE' when it comes to the people who have more money than since .
    This photo is just a common photograph of a BDM girl with at least , showing her Gebiet triangle .
    It has a few hours left on Ebay de ... but someone has bid it up to over 122 euros .
    I will bet , that he or she will never be able to resell it for that much . I am almost getting a headache thinking of the outrageous prices these people are willing to pay .

    Someone just emailed me that this is the only known photo Adolf and Eva's 'Love Child'!
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