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    Looking for photos of HJ leaders wearing the Golden Leader Sports Badge (HJ Führersportabzeichen)

    I'm looking for photos of HJ leaders wearing this badge for the HJ-Research Wiki article on the HJ Führersportabzeichen so if you have any or have seen any and would like to help please post your photos in this thread.

    Many thanks in advance

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    only found one on the net... but not HJ leader though :-(
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    Thanks Jo. I'll add that one to the article.

    Does anyone have photos of the full-size badges being worn by HJ/DJ leaders that I can add to the wiki page?

    Pictures of the miniature version on civilian clothing would be great too.

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    Just bumping this one

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    Not the best photos. I'll try to find other in my files.
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    Hi Lauri,

    Thanks very much!

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