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    My Hitler Youth press release photos

    translated some of the stuff on back they were collecting scrap medal for the war effort . wonder y they are so beat up tho.

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    looking at the pictures I took of my photos they are not to good will try again tomorrow if anyone would like me to.

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    Yes, definitely

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    tried to get better pictures but can not. I took out my jewelers loop tho and the shoulder broads in the one picture are either 81 or 21. ant ideal why the youth in the one picture are so banged up?

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    Hello, these boys are from Berlin so the number on the strap has to be 21. What means banged up? In a mess? They have just been working hard I think :)

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    has anyone seen these photos in magazine or news paper. the broads in the first photos are the ones I was talking about. the second photo and third go together. in the second photo it looks like bandages on there heads.

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    That's just sunlight in the second photo Keith. They are parading first thing in the morning before they head off to begin work.

    I don't see anything odd in the first photo?

    Yes, 21 as Trommeler says. It must be 21 because Jungbann 81 was located hundreds of kilometres away.

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    were these photo mass produced ? I was told that they are press release photos. so does that mean several copies were made and sent to different locations. different magazine publications and news papers. the collection of press photos I picked these out of was quiet impressive . these were the only youth ones .

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