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    yes i thought that as well ,

    looks like he is wearing a" coffee can" kepi, shame there are no dates on the pictures

    here are some more that came with the group.
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    last couple ,

    note in the last picture the lad has the arm band and knife on the right hand side anybody guess why ??

    cheers ...............steve
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    Developed incorrectly from the negative I would imagine Steve. Something like that anyway. I flipped him back:
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    I first thought that as well garry , then dismissed it

    i cant get my head round how that works


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    The shot of the Bannfahne is great. Interesting that the pole appears to be a different color and much more stout and thick than the standard black painted poles normally seen. Really great photo Steve, rare to have one of the Bannfahne is use.

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    Hi darin

    Yes this is noted in Angolias book volume 2 page 226 with a nice picture and i quote 'massed colors of the HJ Bann note the light tan bamboo-style poles and lack of any carrying Harness'

    I wonder how many of these have been passed over by collectors as not flag poles, makes you wonder,


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