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Thread: nice axmann pic

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    nice axmann pic

    picked up this nice press pic of axmann the other day its a large pic approx 8"x5" , anyone know whio the others are??

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    Craking picture stu ,

    Dont know who the other two are transpeer might know ,


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    cheers steve
    its a lovely pic, notice on this pic axmanns dodgyright hand i believe he lost it anyione know where and how??

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    He lost his right arm serving on the Eastern front in 1941. I think the person on the left is a foriegn official or diplomat, the uniform does not really look German to me.
    Edit, these are the units he served in on the Eastern Front.

    from sept 1939 enlisted in IR 272
    - released from
    on 1.5.40
    - june 41 re enlisted in Ers bat of IR 9 then soon next to IR 8
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