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    Nice early Deutsches Jungvolk portrait

    here is a nice early portrait,

    The side cap is intresting what are your thoughts on the rune,

    The sleeve rune appears to have been stiched on around the square patch and not the rune itself

    cheers steve

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    Its a really interesting pic, I never haved see before a sidecap like this!

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    most unsual on the side cap perhaps his father was a member of the
    would not have thought he would have worn it on parade though but as usual steve another fine picture you have there well done


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    The Sigrune was worn in this way on occasion, normally by the higher ranking DJ members.

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    Isn't it strange that he seems not to have cut the rune patch out before putting it on the sleeve. Wouldn't one of the other guys have a bit of a giggle at that?

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    I wonder what the significance of the book could be.

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