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    Sweet man, that's gonna look great. I'm thinking about doing something similar with this

    or this


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    Quote Originally Posted by PAUL AYERST View Post

    Time will tell, i ordered a Jumbo print online through this firm. Cost 30 bucks with postage.

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    When you order, they ought to tell you. When you order prints here, they will warn you if the rez is too low.

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    Yes, but i put a Photo book together for the wife online this year, all images were said to be "Great Quality, perfect for the chosen size" and when the almost 100 buck photo book arrived, it looked like.... well, i could have done a better job using the home printer and staples, half cut.

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    They look so funny and with all the talk I see among serious collectors, getting hot under the collar about "fakes", these kids have the right attitude ... "I made it myself and that's good enough for me." LOL

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    Poster arrived today, super quality. It was printed in Germany rather surprising to see. Will most definitely get more done in the future.

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    Nice photo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry View Post
    Looking at the headwear and the fact that the flag has a cross with what appears to be a central device I'm thinking Scharnhorst Jugend Jo. Can't be 100% sure though.
    Garry, Wim just sent me the following:
    The photo says HJ, if this was not there I would immediately have said: Schulbann des NSS - Nat.Soz. Schülerbund, due to the use of the students-caps. And I still think they are!
    With an order from April 1, 1933 the disbanding of the NS-Schülerbund in der HJ was ordered by von Schirach. From then on these school-groups were phrased as Schuldgruppen der HJ. There were quite some interesting notes about the incorporation: names like Standortschulführer, Unterbannschulführer, Bannschulführer and Gebietsschulführer.
    The above information comes from issue 5 from April 13, 1933 from the "Verordnungsblatt der RJF der NSDAP".

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    Just thinking aloud.... The photo was obviously taken before the vote in 1932 (hence the lad holding the Vote for Adolf poster), being either in July or November 1932. If it was in November 1932, that may explain the caption Hitlerjugend, as it was around this time, the end of 1932 that Baldur v. Schirach merged the Schülerbund into the HJ. So more than likely that it is the Schülerbund .. did they also not wear Wolfsangel too ? one guy in the photo is wearing a wolfsangel armband, and maybe the other strange armband is for the schülerbund?

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