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    Odd Shoulder Strap and Triangle Combination.

    Interesting photo. This young man appears to have a piped DJ strap, single word triangle, and possibly a Sigrune. Anybody have any idea if this is a DJ photo or something else again?

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    He could be a member of one of the 'Deutsche Jugend' organisations outside the Reich (see link below). The single line triangles are typical for these units.

    Listing of Deutsche Jugend Banne outside the Reich

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    That is a possibility. Wish the insignia were more visible in the photo, the strap and other sleeve patch are odd.

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    First letter on triangle looks like "V" (or "B" ?) second letter "a", "e" or "o"


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    no idea but very odd perhaps he was a HJ collector


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    I love this kind of photo but no more idea
    Thanks for sharing this

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    Maybe one of the rare "Banat" triangles.

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    From the few pictures I have seen, this is the first one with a top button fastened and no neckerchief or shoulder strap either.

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    The buttons on the boys shirt are plain , not HJ.DJ regulation pattern .

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