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    Ohoto of a row of Jungvolk Fähnlein flags

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    Still can't see the numbers too clearly Steve but I'd go for Jungbann 155 based on what I can see so we're talking Berlin. Jungbann 155 was originally Jungbann 1/155 Kreuzberg (later Jungbann 155 Kreuzberg-Stadtmitte). In 1938/9 it was awarded the honour name of Jungbann Hans Hoffmann.

    If you send a big scan to me I should be able to give you 100% on the Jungbann number.

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    Thanks garry will do


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    one of those would be nice lol,

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    Got the scans Steve. I think you are right with 133 actually.

    Jungbann 1/133 was Zwickau in Gebiet 16 Sachsen. The picture must date to 1937 at the latest because the Jungbann prefix of 1 had disappeared by then (there were originally three Jungbanne in that area: 1/133, 2/133 and 3/133. 2 and 3 were absorbed during reorganisation). Are the photos dated at all?

    After the above reorganisation took place the Jungbann was called 133 Zwickau.

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    Great photo.

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    Sorry garry no dates, but thanks for the info ...

    Cheers steve

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