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    Reichsfunkschule Göttingen

    Reichsfunkschule Göttingen

    HJ-Reichsfunkschule in Göttingen (1935)

    Versuche mit transportablem Gerät - Experiment with portable equipment

    Bei der Abschlussprüfung - At the final examination

    Photos from this magazine, page 133-134: Jungamateure im Zeltlager - Mitteilung des Rundfunkamts der Reichsjugendführung.

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    Radio amateurs in Germany

    Radio amateurs in Germany

    Approved radio clubs in Germany received experimental transmitter licenses from November 1924. Since the club licenses could only be used by a few radio amateurs, and individual licenses were not granted in general, it came to increased illegal operation (Schwarzfunker, Piraten) in the following period.

    Another reason was the lack of licenses for telephony (AM), which were previously issued valid only for telegraphy. From August 1933 transmitter permits were issued for radio friends by the German Reichpost, bringing the number of amateur stations increased in 1939 to about 600.

    Conditions for obtaining a license was, among other things, membership of the Deutschen Amateur-Sende- und Empfangsdienst (DASD) (German amateur transmitting and receiving service). From the war started in 1939 to the war ended in 1945 about 100 radio licenses were issued.

    For the purposes of the pre-military training within the HJ, a contract was set up between DASD and the Reichsjugendführung in 1935. The Reichsfunkschule in Göttingen, the FT-Kameradschaften and the Funktechnische Bereitschaften were subject to The HJ-Reichfunkamt. 20 Jugendgruppenleiter of the HJ-Gebiete - only four of them were radio amateurs - became Amtsträgern des DASD (officials of the DASD).The HJ-Reichfunkstelle operated the radiostation transmitters D4GZF and D4GPF.

    On March 23, 1949, the first 700 amateur transmitting and receiving permits were issued based on the Amateur Radio Act. Today there are about 80.000 in Germany. In Eastgermany (DDR) a radio license could be acquired by members of the Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik (GST) (Sport and Technology.

    After reunification of Germany, there were new transitional arrangements for the new Bundesländer, for example higher power levels were allowed on the 30 meter band, as allowed in the former West Germany.

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    Great photos and information

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    Interesting theme and building in Göttingen.I lived my youth there not far away. I should check the building nowadays, perhaps next summer. See you.

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    Here are a collector's item that will interest some people of this forum.
    It is about a validation card of an examination for the Reichsfunkschule of Göttingen.


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