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    great info again garry thanks for sharing it

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    No probs Stu. I'll scan some more pics in a bit.

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    More pics from the Hochland Lager 1934:

    Von Schirach opened the camp on the first of August in pouring rain:


    Another view of the Thingplatz with that ominous slogan:


    Evening event on the Thingplatz:


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    Full dental and medical facilities:

    (the first pic is an aid post in one of the Oberbann locations)


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    DJ moving off from the train station in Murnau on their way to the camp:


    Camp life:


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    The mobile post office:


    As mentioned before, catering was centralised. Food was moved in trucks out to the Oberbann locations and was then transported out to the individual units. This pic shows a the barrow (left of pic) used by this group to bring the food back to their area:


    Finally, Marine-HJ on the Riegsee putting a good effort in :)


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    this is great garry those pictures are just wow brilliant mate


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    GREAT POST love this kind of forensic detective work


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    Good stuff garry

    I may also have a few pictures of the Hochland lager i will dig the out to compliment the thread if thats ok ,


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    Yes, please do Steve!

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