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    Then and now - HJ at the Hermannsdenkmal

    I can see this famous monument from my window so I thought I'd upload a couple of then and now pictures. There is a little info on Hermann here (scroll down the page):

    Battle of the Teutoburg Forest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The group in the third photo is identifiable as being from Pivitsheide which is a small town close to the monument.
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    Very neat photos with a great history of the location to go along with them. No wonder the kids posed here, I am sure they were told of the history and battle before visiting the site.

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    Yes, the monument was a definite tourist magnet back then. Same today really only without the symbolism. I'll have to get out and about sometime soon and get some more of these 'then and now' shots together.

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    Thanks Garry...I love the "then and now" pics like that


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    I visited there in the 60s several times always crowded with locals. My understanding is the American P51 pilots would finish any 50 cal ammo into this monument and it required much repair after the war


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    Such a good effect to see the same structure today. Not like a lot of historic sites that are changed completely/developed/demolished.

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    I went to this monument many times when on holliday in Bielefeld.It an amazing monument right there in the teutoburger forrest.

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    That's right Paul. It did take some hits during the war as you say. You can see the damage on these photos taken just before work to restore the monument began in 1951.
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    nice pics gar

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    Thanks for showing Garry,

    It would be lovely to continue this type of section in the future. Hope that when I get to live in Munich, I can do a few good pics of Koenigsplatz there and so on.



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