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    trumpet banner

    nice picture from a small album ive just received , there appears to be a prncing horse on one side of the banner ,,


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    You have to wonder what happened to all those banners? Sitting in a box somewhere, destroyed, or who knows? Great photo.

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    The white horse was (and still is) used by Niedersachsen as the state emblem so these boys are likely to be from a Jungbann within Gebiet 8. Nice pic.

    The HJ seems to have suffered from a lack of attention to detail. 'Come on boys, look at the other banners. You two are the only ones with it attached the wrong way around...' :)

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    take a close look theres at least 7 boys with their pennants showing the horse lol

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    i think the same what happened to all these pennants there was so many of them hard to belive they are so hard to come by

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    I was thinking, maybe it was good a few of the boys had'em going the wrong way, as it helped Garry guess where they might be from...


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