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    Although it looks tantalizingly like some kind of skull armband, I think the consensus that it's a Swaz armband is correct. If you enlarge, there seems to be the ghost of a Swaz outline. There's just sun shining on it so it sort of obscures the lines. Also, I reckon there is a marine HJ boy in the pic, not a boy wearing clothes cobbled together. As Patrick said, there certainly seems to be an anchor patch there. Check these enlargements.
    From left to right
    1. The "skull"
    2. What is plainly a Swaz armband worn by a boy further back in line (under the flag)
    3. Anchor patch?

    skullswaz.jpg swaz.jpg anchor.jpg

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    Not necessarily a marine HJ or something like that. The navy/marine uniform-style was a very popular boys clothing.

    I have seen photos from 1890'es to 1920'es, German and Danish, of boys wearing this kind of clothes, also with anchor cloth badges, and caps with tally bands.


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    How odd.... so they just dressed up like sailors?? That is strange.

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    Strange but true Pat.

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    could be, remember that people in those days had not as much of a choice on the market. probably those cloths where on sale in many a shop. As they, already then, followed the question/demand rule of selling.

    even today many uniform like cloths are up for sale in stores, and they sell like hell :laugh:

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    Interesting photo. As has already been said, this type of naval clothing was in fashion around that time for boys and I suspect that the boy in this picture is just dressed in civilian clothing.

    Just for info though there were Marine-HJ Jungenschaften in existence as early as 1931 with the first of them being part of Darin's favourite Bann in Berlin. The Marine-HJ uniform was made official in 1934 and was placed under the control of the RZM in that year. I just checked the HJ uniform book for 1933 and at that point there was no official arm patch for the Marine-HJ although a uniform is shown.

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