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    Werner - HJ-portraits

    Here's two portraits of Werner.

    He was born August 1921

    First photo from june 1938, second from October 1940.


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    ANY idea what his fate was ?


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    He died in 13 October 1944, maybe at the military hospital in Strausberg, Germany. He was burried in Strausberg. At that time he was Unteroffizier.

    The cemetary of the fallen of the 1st World War on the Protestant cemetery was restored in 1993. The 791 fallen soldiers of the 2nd World War II are victims of the fighting from the spring of 1945, as well as deaths from the military hospital in Strausberg. In addition to fallen Germans, there are buried dead here from nine nations.



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    thanks great follow up info


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    how do people get info on people from this time i have a few groupings that i would love to find more info on

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    Information on Germans dead during WW I and WW II can be found on the homepage of Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräber (Association German Wargraves). (In German only)

    It might also be possible to get information on German soldiers from Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt) I haven't tried, but I know some who has used them. Don't know if they have information on HJ/BDM members. (English)


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    Thank you for the information Henrik.

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    I think it's interesting to have the follow up of what happened to him. I've wondered many times, looking at everyone's items and collections, as to what ever happened to the original owners. What was their fate--Did they freeze to death on the Eastern front, did they survive the war, or are they even still alive today? Thanks for the pics and "the rest of the story."


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