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    Gaby Boelaert from the VNV (Vlaams National Verbond), who was a camp-leader for the
    "Germanischer Landdienst" at Warthegau (Wartheland) She was photographed at Leslau on
    February 2, 1943. See the worn cuffband with close-up. Upon the left lower arm the patch
    known as "Blauwvoet".


    Girls and boys from the "Germanischer Landdienst" from the HJ from Flanders, wearing the Flemish
    lion and cuffband, waiting for their farmer from the "Kreisbauernschaft" at the Warthegau. The worn
    triangle will have been the version for "Ost Wartheland", the number upon the shoulder-strap being
    the number for the Bann they were assigned to! When their camp was at Leslau the number will have
    been 662 (it is possible it could be another number as there were various camps in the Warthegau!)

    (both photographs once were property from my Belgium friend Jan Vincx from Herentals and used in his
    series "Vlaanderen in Uniform")
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    Wim, thank you very much for the information and the photos, spectacular! Does anyone have one of the Germanischer Landienst cuff titles in their collection to show?

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    Thankyou Wilhelm. Great information.

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