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    I thought, but I am not sure, the photo from post one was taken in the Netherlands.
    Possibly it could be at the end of November 1942 when Blomquist was inaugurated.
    I have seen it before, but cannot identify any of the "hot shots" that were there
    (Stabsleiter Möckel and Hauptdienstleiter Schmidt). The persons in the background
    are not that sharp!

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    I think I may be wrong and have made a mistake and have confused this with another photograph.

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    Hi Wim,

    Post #1 definitely isn't the inauguration. There's a good site with scanned newspapers from the period that discuss the occasion in Den Haag but the pictures are, well, see for yourself :) This pic is repeated in a lot of them. There's a pic of Moeckel giving a speech but that's also bad quality unfortunately.

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    I had read the article in "De Courant, Het Nieuws van den Dag" from November 24, 1942.
    There was no photograph with the article. The ceremony took place in the big hall from
    the Zoo in the Hague. The photo from post one is in the open air. So!

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    Wim was kind enough to send me a picture of Gebietsführer Blomquist from 1943 during his tenure at Befehlsstelle Niederlande. That looks to be a Goldenes Ehrenzeichen above his EKI.

    Thanks again Wim!

    Credits: W.Saris/J.Gijsen

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    It looks like like 1st photo so it may be Blomquist!

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    nice,very clear large photo

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    Can anyone identify this man ?
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    LAUTERBACHER, Hartmann. (1909-1988) Stabsführer der HJ und Stellvertreter Schirachs.

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