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    1938 - Using old DLV badges is a criminal offence

    Until 1937 Flieger-HJ members were trained by DLV members (Deutscher Luftsportverband). In 1937 DLV was dissolved and members were transferred to the successor organization NS-Fliegerkorps (NSFK). Members of Flieger-HJ was wearing a DLV badge on their uniform.

    In January 1938 a 2 page new year's greetings was sent from the leader (Sturmführer) of NSFK Wuppertal (NSFK Sturm 9 and 10/66), to supporting members (Förderer) and members (Sturmmänner).

    Interesting in relation to Flieger-HJ is, that the members are informed that the old DLV membership ID, badges, pennants, plaques are no longer valid. Using the old DLV badges is a criminal offence.

    I will scan the letter later.

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    Here's the letter and envelope. Note the old DLV stamp is used on the back of the envelope - a criminal offence?
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