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    Battle of Berlin Hitlerjugend Panzerknacker Wehrpass and award doc on WAF

    I saw this grouping on WAF and am not so sure on it ...It has a lot of official stampings for an end of war last ditch Wehrpass , what do you all think ?

    I checked out the fieldpost number and it seems good but I just am not sure with this :FP #42797
    (1.3.1942-7.9.1942) Pionier-Horchzug 1
    (23.4.1944-24.11.1944) 4.11.1944 gestrichen,
    (25.11.1944-8.5.1945) 26.3.1945 Brigadestab
    Panzer-Nahkampf-Brigade HJ

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    Good spot Joe. I'm not very familiar with Wehrmacht unit abbreviations.Does the unit designation IV/Pz. Vern. Brigade HJ mean "HJ Panzervernichtungsbrigade 4" or "Battalion 4 within Panzervernichtungsbrigade HJ"? That's an important difference as far as the story of the HJ anti-tank units are concerned. If someone can help me out with that abbreviation I can pull out some literature here and see whether the dates given in the Wehrpass make sense.

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    IV / Pz. Vern. Brigade HJ
    means "Battalion 4 (within) Panzer-Vernichtungs-Brigade HJ"... but someone says it's a fake and he makes a good demonstration (?!)

    Best regards

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    A few members on WAF have now outed this group as a forgery gut instinct was correct .

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    I was hoping to blow the WP out of the water with just the unit designation alone but there were indeed four battalions within 1. Panzervernichtungsbrigade. The guy over on WAF seems to have nailed the fake stamps so there's little point in dissecting the info in the WP and the notification that he was sworn in but the fakers put in a good mixture of plausible "facts" along with less plausible info but all in all, yes, I would agree that this thing is fantasy.

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