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    BDM Ausweis Untergau 518/1 Amstetten Gebiet Niederdonau

    today I got my first BDM-Ausweis from my "Home"-Bann 518/1 Amstetten.
    518/1 is the town of Amstetten, maybe something for our unitlist.
    The pictures is missing, but no problem, the price was only 10.-€.
    I am very happy with this Ausweis.
    Best Regards

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    Hi Alois,

    Shame about the photo but a nice ID nevertheless and of course one that fits perfectly into your focussed collection. Can you read the place name on the line:

    ... in die Hitler-Jugend aufgenommen und der Gliederung ________ 518/1 zugeteilt worden ?

    This is likely to be for a girl in BDM-Mädelgruppe 1/518 Amstetten as you say but it would be good to know that place name.

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    Hello Garry,
    .... in die Hitler-Jugend aufgenommen und der Gliederung Unterg. 518/1 zugeteilt worden.
    There is no place Garry, only Unterg. = Untergau (Bann)
    The girl was at home in Viehdorfer-Straße Nr.9 , this is in the city of Amstetten.

    Best Regards

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    Many thanks Alois. I'll add BDM-Mädelgruppe 1/518 Amstetten to the list

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