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    BDM Proficiency book

    I picked up this BDM proficiency book a few weeks ago . One of the best I`ve seen .
    It not only shows a good looking girl , it also shows her wearing her BDM Leistungsabzeichen and her party badge .
    Enjoy .

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    Is there a badge number and award date shown in the back Joe? Always looking for new additions for the list :)

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    Posted are photos of the pages that documents her BDM bronze profiency number # 45465 awarded on October 13, 1938 , Nazi Party number and her Leader number .
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    Are there pages for the Jungmädel Leistungsabzeichen in the proficiency award book?


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    Sorry for the delay in answering Joe. Many thanks for the info

    Can anyone read her name and the town where she lived?

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    I read "Lotti Gerger", living in Stettin. However, and this is a bit strange or at least unusual, she was born (how I read it) in Kiel. Both towns are hundreds of miles apart and I guess it was not too often that people moved that far around in the TR.


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