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    BDM proficiency record book

    Hi all,

    a friend of mine recently bought a nice BDM achievement badge with the proficiency record book. I am not strong on this field and although it looks nice to me, I have never seen this style of cover. He also inquiried me on the missing data on the first pages. Is that a normal practice? The book contains various pages of records.

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    more pics
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    The badge itself looks fine Matt. The achievement book is clearly not the one for that badge as I'm sure you realise. There is no way that the girl would have received a badge if she had handed in that book as proof that she had fulfilled the requirements for the award. It doesn't contain the badge serial number anyway so we can be certain I think that badge and book are not a set. If that is what you were asking of course :)

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    Hi Garry

    thanks for the quick feedback.
    How is possible that the book has records inside and no name or reference to a serial # ?

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    If you take the book at face value it would appear that the girl simply never finished her tests and therefore didn't bother completing the personal details page Matt. If she had been awarded a badge it would have been noted on the page you show in one of your pics. However, the achievement book was an accountable, official document and contained the evidence that a girl had satisfied the requirements for the award of the badge and as such, it would have been passed up through her chain of command before the award was authorised. With that in mind I can't imagine her immediate boss not telling her to fill her book in properly before she passed it up through the chain of command onto the RJF. Without the personal details the RJF wouldn't have been able to tell who this girl was anyway.

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    Hello Garry
    if I understood correctly the book was like the the cards given in supermarkets Once you collected all the points you get the award. Is that correct? So it is reasonable to think that since she did not complete the records, she never bothered to fulfill her personal data to get the award.

    I never really looked into this so I learnt something new today

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    Yes, once the requirements for award of the badge had been met/completed, the book (as the accountable document) would have been sent up the chain of command. Once authorised, the badge and the book would have been sent back to the unit. I would contend that an achievement book in this condition would not have survived the scrutiny of this girl's boss and would therefore not have left the unit. As I say, I don't think that the book has anything to do with that particular badge.

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    Thanks! I will inform my friend.

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    No probs Matt

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