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    Deutsche Jugend Ukraine temporary membership card (Vorläufiger Ausweis)

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    What have you been researching?

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    I can find nothing regarding the Deutsche Jugend in Ukraine or in SaporosHJe. There is a contemporary organization of German/Ukrainian Youth but I can find no mention of it during the occupation.

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    Yes, strange that today's organisation has exactly the same name isn't it :) I don't have anything specific to SaparosHJe but if you give me a little time I will put together some info on Befehlsstelle Ukraine (Rovno).

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    Most appreciated, Garry!

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    i must say you have an amazing collection!! : )

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    I had hoped to find more on the Deutsche Jugend in that area. I have a couple of useful sources here which describe the work of the HJ in the eastern territories but it more general in nature and not specific to that town. Here's a quick precis of what I found anyway.

    As we can see, the card isn't stamped with a Deutsche Jugend stamp but rather with an NSDAP stamp. This is due to the fact that the Deutsche Jugend Ukraine was not fully organised as, for example, the Deutsche Jugend in Banat/Serbia or Slovakia were. Indeed, there was never a plan to do that in Ukraine.
    The "Arbeitsbereich Osten" (on the stamp) was the "Arbeitsbereich Osten der NSDAP" created by order of Hitler on the 1st of April 1942. In the summer of 1942, Reichsjugendführer Axmann ordered the creation of HJ-Diensstellen within the NSDAP structure there and on the 1st of August 1942 Axmann announced the creation of the "Befehlsstelle Osten der Reichsjugendführung im Arbeitsbereich Osten der NSDAP" based in Berlin under Hauptbannführer Siegfried Nickel. Nickel also headed up a new department with the RJF that had been created in May 1942 specifically to administer youth matters in the occupied eastern territories.

    One of the departments within Befehlsstelle Osten was "Befehlsstelle Ukraine der Hitler-Jugend" based in Rowno. I don't know the name of the HJ commander within Befehlsstelle Ukraine but in February 1943, the BDM leader was Gebietsmädelführerin Else Storck. Until June 1942 she had been Gebietsmädelführerin of Gebiet Westmark and on her retirement from that post she was retained by the RJF as a "z.V" leader before being reactivated for Befehlsstelle Ukraine.

    Befehlsstelle Ukraine was divided into HJ-Bezirksstellen and these were:

    There was also the HJ-Aufbaustab in Tschernigow and the HJ-Landesführung Transnistrien based in Landau/Odessa.

    Your temporary Deutsche Jugend membership card was issued in SaporoscHJe which was within HJ-Bezirksstelle Dnjepropetrowsk. Clearly, the leader of the Deutsche Jugend there was Gefolgschaftsführer Panterott but I have nothing on him.

    According to Hauptbannführer Nickel there had never been a plan to organise the volksdeutsche youth in the Ukraine along HJ lines as had been the case in Poland. Once the volksdeutsche population had been identified* an organisation was created to gather the kids under one umbrella and into the sphere of influence of their Reichsdeutsche HJ and BDM leaders. In Ukraine it was the "Deutsche Jugend Ukraine" but there was also, for example, the "Deutsche Jugend Transnistrien" and the "Deutsche Jugend Weißruthenien". Where groups existed, membership was mandatory for the volksdeutsche population but the HJ did not create elaborate command, staff and administration structures. Everything was much more basic and the general approach by Nickel was that of a colonialist who appeared to be of the opinion that the local populations should be eternally grateful that he and his HJ/BDM leaders had brought them civilisation.

    You will know most, if not all, of the information here but if I come across anything specific to SaparoscHJe I'll of course add it. Please do the same if you come across info

    *As had been the case in Poland, the HJ cooperated with the SS in this. For Russia, a Sonderkommando R (Russland) was created with the aim of identifying all volkdeutsche.

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    That is very informative, Garry, thank you, dankeschön.

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    Good information Garry. I cannot help here, just I know that for the supplying of goods for the districts
    44 (Generalgouvernement), 46 (Osten), 47 (Ostland) and 48 (Ukraine) the cities of Kalisch and Posen
    (Wartheland) were responsible.
    This is stated in the Mitteilungsblatt der RZM from September 1943. But this has nothing to do with the
    organizational structures.

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    Thank you very much for this extensive and informative research! I learned a great deal. With this information it will give me more possible IDs for which to have my contacts search.

    Again, many many thanks!

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