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    The stamps do turn up sometimes, but so do lots of fakes.

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    we need garry on this he`s our regs specialist , im sure he will comment when he comes back

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    very nice darin well done so you also know a printer now as well as a little old lady:laugh:

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    Steve, just need a tailor and I'll be set! :001_tt2:

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    Nice ID Darin. I really like the early ones. I'll have a look in the regs for any info on the photo.

    Edit: I didn't find anything in the regs re the ID photos. Seems to be clear though that full-body ID photos are normally only seen on early IDs like this one.

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    As the guys said, cool to see a full body pic. Unusual.

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    When I made an offer on my DJ Fahne the seller counter offered with this included, I couldn't refuse. :)

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