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    Die Uniformen der HJ

    Hi. Is anyone familiar with this book? The condition is down, but intact. What should I expect to pay for this in poor fair condition?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Garry will know about this one. He's really good with this sort of item.

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    Nice book.

    If this is a period book expect that it won't be cheap as these are rare to come by.I don't know anything about prices but i have seen similar books go for as much as $150.

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    this is the book baker shows in the back of vol 1 of his books, its basically the regulations and patterns for the HJ/dj/bdm etc from 1933, all the book is in bakers book but would be nice to have an original

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    Don't buy the original unless you really want an original book as there are reprints of it around. I can't find the link at the moment but my copy cost me 16 Euros a couple of years ago. Here's one for 22 Euros from a different seller:

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    or just by bakers vol 1 then you get the book plus much more lol

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    Agreed Stu, Baker even provides the translation for idjets like me so you can read it!

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    yep i fall in to that idiot category too even though i wish i didnt, i think speaking german is a huge advantage in our hobby

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    Was sagen sie Herr Stuart deutsch reden ist eine hilfe mit unsere hobby??:tongue_smilie:

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    i agree totally whatever you said

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