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    DLRG Gründschein


    Here is one of my last paper document,a
    (Deutsche Lebens Rettungs Gesellschaft)/German life saving society) Gründschein.The
    is an old association existing since 1913


    This document own to a young girl from Königsberg (Ostpreußen).She is allowed to be a life-saver during a BDM swimming session


    This kind of document doesn't seem really difficult to find and ,in my opinion, interesting to complete a collection of papers/ausweis

    "With safety in mind the
    issued orders that at least two trained Life-savers must be in attendance at every Hitlerjugend swimming session.Whilst it was normal policy to the
    to organise their own rules and standards for awards - or to rely on help from other party organisations - they did not do so in the case of life-saving.Instead,youths were encouraged to train and qualify with the long established
    .Certificates were issued,and costume or lapel badges could be worn by youngsters who successfully completed their training
    " .Youth led by youth vol.1 p45

    feel free to add more informations if you want :)

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    Hi Dorn,

    The HJ attached much importance to swimming proficiency as you know and it was expected of each boy and girl that they learn to swim. HJ leaders were required to be proficient swimmers regardless of age. The tests for the HJ-Leistungsabzeichen contained a swimming section for the Marine-HJ and also a section for the other arms of the HJ but for those not in the Marine-HJ this test could be waived if there was no swimming facility within a 1 hour marching distance.

    qualifications leant more toward the life-saving aspect of swimming as you say whereas general swimming proficiency within the Hitler Youth was catered for by the Reichsschwimmschein I and II (introduced in 1937 - see pics below). From 1942 there was a concerted effort to push holders of the Reichsschwimmschein II through qualification for the

    Reichsschwimmschein I.png Reichsschwimmschein II.jpg

    The issuing and testing authority was the
    (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft) which was formed in Leipzig in 1913 as you say. The organisation grew steadily prior to and during the
    period but was almost brought to its knees due to the decimation of its membership and destruction of its facilities in the final phase of the war. The
    survived however and exists today.

    The three levels of this qualification were:

    Grundschein (Basic lifesaver).

    Leistungsschein (advanced lifesaver)

    Lehrschein (Instructor - 35,000 certificates had been awarded by the end of 1942):

    Requirements for award of the Grundschein
    1. Swim for 15 minutes in static water (or 600m downstream in flowing water). 5 minutes or 200m of the swim should be on the back without use of the arms.
    2. Swim fully clothed (less shoes) for 15m.
    3. Remove clothing in water whilst either treading water or swimming.
    4. Dive into water from a height of 1-2m and swim submerged for 15m.
    5. Dive twice to a depth of 2-3m and retrieve an object weighing 5lbs.
    6. Demonstrate life-saving drills on land.
    7. Recover a person over a distance of 20m using neck and armpit holds.
    8. Explain and apply the Shäfer resuscitation technique.

    Requirements for award of the
    -Leistungsschein. This could only be awarded to persons aged 18 or over.
    1. Swim for 30mins in static water or 3km downstream in flowing water.
    2. Swim fully-clothed for 300m in static water or 600m downstream in flowing water. Leather shoes to be worn.
    3. Immediately after completing step 2 above, remove clothing whilst either treading water or swimming. Depth of water 2-3m.
    4. For males: dive head-first from 1-2m height and swim submerged for 27m (42m in flowing water)
    For females: dive head-first from 1-2m height and swim submerged for 20m (30m in flowing water)
    5. Whilst in water, retrieve a dummy or 5kg weight twice within 3 minutes from a depth of 2-3m.
    Speed exercise: no time limit but to be completed immediately after step 4 above. Dive head-first into water from a height of at least 1m (once only). Remain submerged and transport the weight or dummy used in step 4 over a distance of 10m
    6. Recovery of a person (fully clothed and aged 14 minimum) over a distance of 30m. During the recovery, the armpit grip, upper arm grip, sailor's grip and a fourth technique (to be decided by the examiner) must be shown. Grips can be changed as often as wished by the examinee.
    7. Theoretical and practical (in water) demonstartion of all life-saving and freeing techniques.
    8. Explanation and practical demonstration of the Shäfer, Sylvester-Brosch-Meyer and Kohlrausch resuscitation techniques.
    9. Description of the most important life saving equipment for swimming, boating and ice lake accidents. Explain the best methods of use.
    10. Explain the the most important first-aid techniques and their applications.

    Requirements for award of the
    must be over 20 years old
    must have completed two years of work within the

    must have the

    1a. Plan and implement a training programme for non-swimmers.
    1b. Plan and implement a training programme for life-savers.
    2. Knowledge of the physiology of the human body and resuscitation.
    3. Description of the most important life saving equipment: purpose, method of use and practical application.
    4. Knowledge of the inner workings of the
    . Structure, organisation and terms of business.
    5. Submission of a written project.

    I'll try and find the scans of the
    Leistungsschein and the
    Lehrschein. I have them on my hard drive somewhere.

    EDit: found and added

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    Very nice. I have one of these to a BDM girl too, I will post it one of these days.

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    Another example of a
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