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    DLRG Grundschein - Nachrichten-HJ?

    Does anyone know what N.HJ designates in this
    book? My wild, wild guess is that it could be signals HJ but I have never seen any reference indicating this. HELP!! Thanks MIKE

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    The abbreviation you normally see is Na-HJ but as the person who filled the card out has even spelled
    incorrectly (quite hard to do that really...) it could well mean Nachrichten HJ. Seems unnecessary to specify Nachrichten-HJ anyway though when the question is just asking whether the holder is a member of one of the party organisations.

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    Thanks Garry..Your so smart! Mike (As far as Hans goes with his spelling, he does about as well as I do. I can't seem to post anything without making a mistake or two.)

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    I don't know about smart - possibly dull would be a better word :)

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